Awaiting Approval Post Display Issue Following Update to Discourse Version 3.1.0.beta6

We just recently updated to 3.1.0.beta6 and are noticing that on posts that require moderator approval, the user can see the pending reply at the bottom of the topic after posting, but once that page refreshes they are unable to see their pending reply.

Is there a new setting that controls this behavior, or has that behavior changed in the past year or so?

They can still see it on their profile > Activity > Pending, but it would be more user friendly for them to see that content inline in the topic after the page refreshes.


Looks to be be an issue with the latest update that was made on version 3.1.0.beta6

Bug Report

Priority/Severity: Medium - The issue prevents posts from being displayed correctly to users who are waiting for post approval, which is a core functionality of Discourse.

Platform: Discourse version 3.1.0.beta6. The issue seems to be platform-independent as it’s related to a recent update.

Description: After the recent update to Discourse version 3.1.0.beta6, posts are not being displayed as expected. The issue seems to be related to the PostSerializer class, which was updated in the recent version. The posts work as expected in the previous version 3.1.0.beta5.

ACTUAL Result: Awaiting Approval Posts are not being displayed after the page is refreshed as expected.

EXPECTED Result: Awaiting Approval posts should be displayed correctly as they were in the previous version.

Reproducible steps:

  1. Update Discourse to version 3.1.0.beta6.
  2. Make sure that approve post count or any of the other post approval settings is setup.
  3. Create a new post or view an existing post.
  4. Observe that the post is not displayed as expected.

Additional Notes: The issue seems to be possibly related to the recent update (July 21st, 2023) to the PostSerializer and/or PostGuardian. The posts work as expected in the previous version 3.1.0.beta5. The issue needs to be investigated further to identify the exact cause and fix.



Hey Everyone!

A bug in Discourse version 3.1.0.beta6 is preventing posts awaiting approval from being displayed correctly. This issue is suspected to be related to recent updates to the PostSerializer and/or PostGuardian classes. The problem is platform-independent and was not present in the previous version (3.1.0.beta5).


Posted the Bug Report in the support where the issue was raised:


We are going to have a look over the next few days, thanks!


Just to note, I’ve merged the two topics together so all the info is in one place. :+1:


@rubeno and @Brandon_Martus – Thanks for the thorough report.

I’ve pushed for a fix this. It should be available soon.


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