Review of review queue seems to show duplicated post bodies

We have a small/medium traffic public forum where we require that the first post from a user must be reviewed before it can be posted. (Before we added this requirement, we were getting an obnoxious amount of spam)

Anyway, one of the moderators reported something that sounds like a bug:
If there are two messages in the review queue, when you look at the 2nd message it looks like the content is identical to the 1st message. However, if you actually view the 2nd message you can see the body is different.

(She had thought people were creating new accounts and posting the same message repeatedly so she was blocking the latter posts for a while before realizing that the UI wasn’t showing what they actually wrote.)

This seems like it’s a bug, correct?

Attaching are some screenshots highlighting what she was seeing as additional messages because the forum is telling me that new users can only post a single image…



Screenshot of first post which is correct:

2nd post shows a different user and different subject, but the content is the same.

…but the second message is actually the wrong content. You can see it if you approve and view the message.

Just in case it’s relevant, is the moderator who is finding the issue a regular moderator, or are they a “category moderator”?

The screenshots definitely indicate an issue. I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet though. Any additional details you can think of about the issue would be helpful.

Edit: maybe this is it. Testing on my local dev site, two posts from new users are in the review queue. Instead of visiting the review queue directly, if I click the first review item from my notification dropdown I get this:

If I then click the second notification, I get this:

After clicking the second notification, the title of the item in the review queue gets updated, but the body of the post is displaying the text content of the previous review item.

If instead of going to the review items by clicking the review queue notification I click the “Review” entry from the sidebar, the review items are displayed correctly:

I think this is a bug. Tentatively recategorizing it to bug


Thanks for the report, @Philip_Montgomery!

Thanks to the fantastic investigative work of @simon I was quickly able to replicate this issue and create a fix for it that has now been merged in:


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