Dynamic text with unread section (when empty)


I believe this should be dynamic based on user preferences. For example, if I read a topic for more than 4 minutes and I have changed my preferences to a set a topic to Tracking after 10 minutes. This statement is false and no longer applies.

I wouldn’t see topics in the unread section if they aren’t set to Tracking or Watching, would I?

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The blurb says ‘By default,’ at the start, so I think it’s currently meant to just list the default settings, and then offer a link to your Preferences/Notifications where you can tweak them to suit. The ‘replied to the topic’ one can be changed as well, so that text could be considered false for some too.

A dynamic one might be good, but I’m not sure how many people read that message more than once?


You’re right! Completely missed that part actually.

Probably not many considering Unread is hidden if you don’t have any topics in there. It was mostly a correction at first, but as you pointed out it is a statement based on default settings, so this topic doesn’t make sense any more. A feature adding dynamic text here probably isn’t worth it at all.

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Technically a site operator could change the default there, but I guess they could also change the translation so we are sort of covered.

I do though like the idea of a “per user” blank Unread tab. @codinghorror / @andrei .

This is actually a fairly common page to reach now (cause you can easily clear unread) so it would be nice to call out your specific settings vs calling out the site default.

We could also call out “tracked tags and categories” for example:

Topics are considered unread and will show unread counts if you:

  • Tracked the topic
  • Created the topic
  • Replied to the topic
  • Read the topic for more than 10 minutes
  • Visited a topic in categorized: #bug, #feature and 3 others.

Something like that … not sure.