Each time login page refreshed, short site description added to title

When loading the login page of the forum, the short site description joins itself to the title and displays on the screen. And everytime the login page is reloaded it repeats again and again.

Removing the short site description has solved the problem but it is meaning the title is very long.

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Yes, I can repro this, each refresh adds an occurrence of the short description.
Latest 2.8.0 beta9

We’ve got the same problem. And it crops up wherever the title is used.

I’ve mitigated it by deleting the short_site_description as a short term fix.

This issue has been fixed in FIX: SiteSetting.title was being polluted in StaticController by CvX · Pull Request #15385 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Please make sure to update your sites.


Same for me.
Upgrade to 2.8.0 beta10 fixed that for me. Thanks