Easily browse #howto articles under Docs

A quick note: we’ve enabled a menu item in the top menu that goes to the Docs view!

This is a quick, easy way to browse or filter all of our #howto documents. We wanted to expose this a little further forward in the UI specifically for browsing documentation. Do let us know what you think!

:bulb: You can also search docs by using the in:kb search operator in the header search menu.


I like this idea. It brings everything together. By having the docs listed in this manner it helps with not having to search through many docs if one uses a “wrong” term or phrase.


Another incremental improvement – we now have quick access to filters in Docs!

If you’re looking for something and not sure where to look next, click one of the categories or tags to filter the list further.

We specifically wanted to call out three tags (#getting-started, #configuring, #contributing), as they contain the most commonly used #howto topics.

We’re open to iterating on this, so please give us feedback if there are any bugs, challenges, or things that don’t make sense.