Option to use "Docs view" when accessing Docs category from anywhere in Discourse

Currently when using the Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin, when you access it from the Docs link in the hamburger menu (or enable the link in the Top Menu), you get a nice, customized view with filters, etc. It looks like this:

However, if you access the “docs” category/categories from the Category List, you get a normal forum view (i.e. list of topics, topic participants, etc.). If you really want to use Discourse for “docs” this is non-ideal. This is what it looks like from the Category List:

That’s certainly not the view we ideally want. It would be best if there was at least an option such that all major links to at least the selected docs category (from category list, from category dropdown) would go to the “docs view” as shown in the first image above. Even better if you could do the same for topics within those categories, but I’ll keep my ambitions modest for now. :smile:

This could potentially be added as a setting in the Docs plugin itself, or as an additional option for “Default Topic List” in the Category settings. I suppose the latter may not be possible, and even if it is, it might be confusing or challenging to only show the “Docs” option on categories that are selected in the plugin. So probably the first option is best.

One alternative that might serve a similar need would be an option to simply hide selected “docs” categories from the main Category List.


Another alternative would be to add a button Switch to Docs view in those categories (via a theme component maybe?)


This issue was solved or not? Just checking, I’m reviewing options to replace the overkill Alfresco not really used in my company with something simpler, more user friendly. Thanks!

I second this feature request - it would make the plugin much more useful. As of now, it’s a bit confusing to the users that there are actually two different views on the same content. And the category link is much more prominent than the docs link.

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