Incorrect references to posts when moved to another topic

(AstonJ) #1

A post was moved to a new topic and the reference to the post it was in reply to is broken - it goes nowhere (should clicking on it take us to the post in the old topic when it is not in the same topic?)

A little later a second post was made (after the first post was moved) into the old thread - in response to the moved post - it too was then moved to the new topic, however it is referring to the person who moved the topic, rather than the person who made the post that was initially moved (and the post they probably clicked the reply button to).

Here is the original topic Which code editor (or IDE) do you use? - Code Editors - Elixir Forum

Here is the new topic: Installing atom-elixir on windows - Elixir Chat - Elixir Forum (look at the top right of each post - the first link is broke, and the second is broke but also referring to the wrong person).

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yep there are existing bugs on this, known issue, after move we need to go through and rewrite all posts to fix references and we do not currently do that.

(Jeff Atwood) #3