Edit the feature to 'upgrade' when you cannot upgrade

:exclamation: I do not know if this is intentional or not therefore I categorised it as a #bug but if you’re viewing it and it’s not marked down as a bug, thanks moderators for fixing it.

When you go to /admin of your community you can view the version - normal - but under the all of the information it states ‘Perform upgrades here’ and even though we have nothing to upgrade it still appears:

  • My idea is that every x hours/days it checks for any available updates and if it successfully views an update ready, it then shows up and doesn’t show up if there’s nothing to update.

Any ideas?

The link previously didn’t appear unless there was a new beta available. This didn’t make sense as the default release is tests-passed for which there are multiple changes almost every day.

Tests-passed sites aren’t expected to keep upgrading to remain on the bleeding edge in lock-step with those releases, but it’s still very useful to have access to /admin/upgrade without needing to manually type in the URL.


On the dashboard, the “Perform upgrades here.” link appears to have moved closer to the stats menu tabs. If you compare my screenshot with the one in the OP, you can see it used to be more obviously be near the version number, with less space above and more space below.

An improvement might be to change this into an Upgrade now button located on the right side, below the “You’re up to date” message.