Update to 2.8.0 beta 7 not working

Re: 2.8.0.beta7: Security Release, Fast Edits, Topic Bookmarks, and more

I just updated but after the update I’m still being told that I should upgrade:

But when I click on “Click here to upgrade”, there is nothing to upgrade:

I’m experiencing similar problems. I updated a few minutes ago from 2.8 beta 6 to 2.8 beta 7 but its showing that I’ve updated from beta 6 to beta 6

looks like the version bump, just came in.

re-run /admin/upgrade


Japp. looks like it was announced before it was actually available. But it’s nevertheless strange that it would say update in the admin interface even though there is nothing to update…

Cannot find the beta7 update :man_shrugging:

if you go to mysite.com/admin/upgrade

You can upgrade, but you need to be an Admin

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