Edited default badge names not taking effect after page reload

I’m not sure if this is a bug or something I’ve missed, but…

Discourse info

Version v1.9.0.beta17 +101
Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)
Docker CE 17.12 (overlayfs2)
Bytemark Cloud VPS

What I did

  1. Navigated to /admin/customize/site_texts, then edited the following items:

    • badges.basic.name from “Basic” to “Forum Newbie”
    • badges.member.name from “Member” to “Forum Member”
    • badges.regular.name from “Regular” to “Forum Regular”
    • badges.leader.name from “Leader” to “Forum Leader”
  2. Navigated to /admin/badges, checked updated badge names:

    (screenshot removed due to new user limit on images per post…)

    Then selected each in turn to enable “Allow badge to be used as a title”

  3. Navigate to a users’ profile, edit their Title and select the re-named badge:

    After saving, the new title is initially displayed correctly, but after a page refresh (e.g. F5) it reverts to the original. Clicking again to edit their Title returns me to a blank selection box.

What I’ve tried to make it stick

  • Updated Discourse via /admin/upgrade
  • Stopped Docker, wiped /var/lib/docker/*, started Docker, rebuilt container from scratch (IIRC with the 20171224 base image):
    systemctl stop docker
    rm -fr /var/lib/docker/*
    systemctl start docker
    /var/discourse/launcher rebuild app

What I expect

Edited badge names to display as user Titles.

What actually happens

Edited badge names use their default values when used as a user Title.


I will look at this tomorrow.


Just for completeness, here’s the missing screenshot. It doesn’t add very much but it looks kind of pretty:


Should be fixed by:


Thanks for reporting it. There was actually multiple broken things.