Edited posts show for not registered users

Edited posts show for not registered users i thnk this is a bug

Nope, that is how it is supposed to work, all users can see revision history by selecting the edit pencil. The redder the pencil, the more recent the edit.


Also, there’s the edit history visible to public site setting if you want to change that behavior.

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It would be better if only show to registered users

I so didn’t realize that! I was wondering why sometimes it was black versus red :smile:


@zogstrip this setting doesn’t appear to do anything unless I’m missing something?

EDIT: My mistake, the pencil icon remains for all users, but you cannot click to see the edits.
It’s kinda nice for people to see something has been edited, but I feel maybe the poster / editor should be able to choose whether the edit is visible or not? (As an admin on a community, I prep content as unlisted and then make it listed. So I might not want people seeing that I edited it before I posted it)

I don’t think you can hide the fact that the post has been edited, but you can hide the pre-edit text.

If you open the edit history and use the bin icon, the edit details are hidden from all but moderators. (Useful if some ejit has posted their login details, for example.)