Hide edit pencil for non-staff users

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I’ve unset edit history visible to public but the orange pencil icon still appears on the post. I’d like to hide the pencil only for people who cannot see the edit history. In other words, I’d like the people who are allowed to see the edit history (but nobody else) to see the pencil.

This CSS solution hides the pencil for everybody but of course that means nobody can see the edit history…

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If you add a second bit to reset it for staff it should do the trick:

.topic-body .post-info.edits {
    display: none;

.staff .topic-body .post-info.edits {
    display: initial;

Though (FWIW) I actually still find it useful to know a post has been edited even if I can’t see the history.


That works perfectly, thank you.

I agree with you, but I’m trying some things to declutter the forum.


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