Edited text for flagging dialog not showing

Everywhere else that I edited text in /admin/customize/site_texts I see the results.

But for the flagging UI, e.g. /admin/customize/site_texts/post_action_types.off_topic.description , I’m still only seeing the default text. In fact, if I search for the default text to change, it doesn’t show up in search anymore since only my edited text will show in the search. But the flagging UI is just not using my text.

This is the case for all the text content in the radio-button areas, but I tested changing the “Take Action” button text and that worked.


I can confirm this behaviour

cc @gerhard


We upgraded to latest new beta, and this bug seems to be fixed!

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Yeah, restarting the server fixes it.

The root cause is now fixed: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commit/6c736a1fa49fa3cb29dbc035a8529ffe66aeb129

@sam We are trying to expire the cache in PostActionType, but it’s not working because of the missing locale in the key. I think this can be removed since we do not save or destroy those types. If we still need this, I guess we need to expire the cache for each supported locale.


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