Unable to change tagging text (Customize -> text)

(Tom Wrench) #1


I’m unable to customize the text for the ‘choose optional tags for this topic’. It leads me to the standard ‘page not found’ page.

Is this a bug?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Possibly. @neil can have a look tomorrow.

(Mittineague) #3

I just tried on my localhost.
It took a while to come up (which is not all that unusual or unexpected - Windows VM)

No errors, but there was a
"WARNING importing ‘addFlagProperty’ is deprecated, use the PluginAPI instead" message.

The message didn’t come up for the few others I tried.

I don’t know as that will be any help.

(Tom Wrench) #4

@neil - did you manage to have a look at this? Still coming up with the below.


(Neil Lalonde) #5

Investigating this has revealed a problem…

First, the key you want to be editing is admin_js.tagging.choose_for_topic, not js.tagging.choose_for_topic.

Second, you can remove the discourse_tagging plugin because it has been moved into core Discourse.

The reason the string is in admin_js is because we have been adding strings to the admin_js section when we shouldn’t have. With the admin_js.admin section collapsed, the client.en.yml file looks like this:


(Jeff Atwood) #6