Editing The 'Accept Invitation' Page Template

Hi, I’m wanting to completely customize the page template that users are sent to when accepting an invitation (screenshot below).

All I can seem to edit is the text for each individual line. What I’m hoping to do is totally change the top part of the page above the form so it’s a heading and a couple paragraphs, and also remove the envelope graphic. Is this possible?

Example of what I can change:


I’m wondering this as well. Did you ever find a solution? If not, bumping for visibility…

The Customize / Text section of your site allows you to customize text content that is displayed by Discourse. It does not allow you to customize the layout of the page. To change the invite page layout, you will need to override the invites/show template. You can find details about how to do that here: Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes.


Great, thank you Simon