Editing the text on the mobile view of account registration


I would like to edit and add some text in the registration screen of the mobile version (something like "check your spam folder, etc). I checked the words for email (in spanish) and there are several fields with that exact word, and i don’t know which one to edit. Which one is it?

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You should be able to find the translation key you are looking for by following this guide: Find a translation key with verbose localization.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough (shouldn’t have mentioned language at all). Why I am trying to do is editing the text above the text boxes in the registration screen in mobile devices. I don’t know where to edit that in the config panel, and seaching by customization>text is not useful since there are several places where the word email is used. I hope this was clearer.

I think I was understanding your question. If you follow the guide I linked to, and then load your site with the mobile view by appending ?mobile_view=1 to the URL in your browser’s address bar, you will see something like this when you open the registration modal:

Then look at your web inspector’s console tab and search for Translation #60. It will show that the key used is user.email.title. Then go to your Admin / Customize / Text page and enter the translation key (user.email.title) into the search field. The correct field to edit will show up.

Make sure to not include any spaces at the beginning of the translation key if you are copy and pasting it into the search box.