Editing trust_level groups


Can I manage trust_level groups? I would like to display custom trust level titles.


Correct, I don’t believe those are customisable.

We should add a tip to the UI to make that obvious.


is there a way display standard TL titles for all members by default (Member, Regular etc.)?
I know members can choose to display available titles, but is there a default setting (other than “none”)?


I don’t believe there ever has been. TL is usually indicated with a profile card badge rather than a user title.
New users are indicated with a lighter grey username.

(Lee Strickland) #6

Personally I would really like if I could display flair via the automatic group.
I am attempting to use Trust Level Avatar Flair Theme Component and but it requires me making icons and not having the font awesome + colors option. It has been asked if the theme component is even needed now that you can edit some of the trust_level stuff like flair but can’t set them as active group.
Some sort of functionality, even if it is just to show trust level/automatic group flair when no primary group flair is set would be great as a core feature. I don’t want only group and staff to have flair and trust flair would be a great way to do that.


Isn’t the profile card badge supposed to be deprecated soon?

Since choosing a title based on TL is a valid option right now, could there be a setting to display it by default?

(Kane York) #8

No, the “user card badge” is featuring the image of a single particular badge on the lower right corner of the user card.

You’re probably never noticed it.