Deprecate "User card badge"?

Can we deprecate this feature?

Between titles, badges, avatar flair and this, I strongly feel like we’ve reached critical mass.

I’d be very happy if we could at least move this into a plugin.


I’ll pipe in here. I tried twice today to locate this feature and completely glanced over it so many times that I didn’t actually think it existed. It seems redundant to me because there are already tons of ways to express yourself in a user card, and I don’t think these badges add much at all.

I had to dig around here to find it:

In that topic there’s a lot of confusion as to how to change the badge and similarly a translator had similar confusion on what the feature actually did.

I think the fact that they add little value and have proven to be complex, confusing, and non-obvious warrants the removal/deprecation of these. 100%.

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Sure, agreed, we can pull these.

I recall @eviltrout built this for gearbox, we would have to extract it into a plugin


we are using this user card badge feature in our installation (currently v1.9.0.beta17 +86) but as long as it moved into a plugin and that plugin will be communicated with the new release I am fine.


Where is the plugin? :sweat_smile:

It’s not a plugin yet. Still part of core at the moment.


Oh, as in 2.0 it was scheduled to be removed, and there’s a beta for 2.0 I thought it was removed there :sweat_smile:

They literally just released the first one. There were 17 betas for 1.9.


Exactly what @notriddle said. In case you’re curious/want more detail:

We release updates to Discourse regularly. In general, you can expect a new beta release every 3 weeks or so, sometimes more frequently. We’re currently working on the 2.0 release, and as you noticed we just released the first 2.0 beta. We will continue to put out beta releases until we’ve completed everything in the release plan (that plan is tentative and subject to change).
Once we’ve completed all planned features and are confident we’re as close to bug free as we can get we release a new stable release of the major version. Then we move onto the next release and the process repeats itself.


User card badges have been removed for core. The new plugin is discourse-user-card-badges: