Why are user Trust Levels not listed by the names of all users?

I noticed this on my forum and also here on Meta…

See below.

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That is not a trust level. It is a title. You can use if you like from earned ones (comes with badges here I reckon), go to ypur account.


Plugin Author is not a trust level. It is a title. Badges can be used as a title when Allow badge to be used as a title is enabled. This is the case for the plugin author badge.
Titles can also come from groups, like @community-moderators or they can be given by admins directly.
If you want every trust level as a title option you can enable them for the associated badges.


I don’t see that as an option in /admin/site_settings.

I do see under /badges/3/regular there’s an option to You can use this badge as a title. I do have that enabled, but not everyone assigned the badge is labeled as such. Of course, it changes me from Admin to Regular, so there’s some other configurations in order to dial this I assume…

Thanks for the help.

“Allow” means it will not automatically change, it is an option.

You can select your title from the dropdown in /my/preferences/account

So that dropdown contains all badges that have Allow badge to be used as a title.

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Hey Richard, where do you set, Allow badge to be used as a title for each badge.

Found it… /admin/badges

You already said you found it

I think that’s the public badge page. The option is on the admin one at eg. /admin/badges/1 (at the bottom)

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So it appears, once you mark the badge as explained, that each user would need to set their own title?

I don’t see a global way of doing it. If that’s the case, then if someone had a new member badge and set their title, but time passed, and they are now a higher level member, they would still have the older badge, unless they manually changed it?

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These are mine here, for some strange reasons :joy:

I would be very disappointed if an admin changes it, automatically or with what ever tool.

So yes, an user must choose what to show.

Got it, in that case, I’ll turn off the feature.

You have some people turn it on, others don’t know it exists, so some will wonder why they’re not a “member” or “regular” etc.

One more question if I may…

I used to have “Admin” next to my name. I no longer see that, I must have changed something, just not sure. Any advice my forum friends? :grin: