Automatic titles from trust groups


I’m probably missing something obvious, but is there a setting to automatically have your user Title match your current trust group? (Ie. it’d say Leader next to your name for TL4 users, Reguar, etc.)

I feel like this was the case before, but I switched it off or something at some point.

I’m using the Trust-Level Avatar Flair for showing flair on user profile pics, but it looks kind of weird without the title too.

Any help would be great!

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You cannot do a default title for any of the trust groups. The titles only work for custom groups.


Oh, right. Not sure why I thought they worked automatically.

Any easy way to give everyone titles based on their TL group?

Just modify existing badges, “basic” and “member” and be sure to enable the setting Allow badge to be used as a title (regular and leader can already add the relative badge as a title).

Users (if they want) will be able to select the title on their user profile.


That’s it! I forgot that these also exist as Badges (I still find the Trust Level / Group / Badge / Flair system a bit tricky to navigate).


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