Edits should require approval as well

Is there any way to require an edit to be approved by an admin/mod as well?

We currently require utilize moderator approval required if TL < 3. It works fine for the initial submission however say a user submits a post, then a moderator approves it. The user is completely free to go an edit that post with no restriction. There is no subsequent approval required.

Are there any thoughts to adding this functionality? I see this as a pretty big gap in the current moderation/approval functionality. This window would essentially allow a user to say whatever with no restrictions once the initial post is approved.

You could turn off trust level of time settings allowing editing.

The settings you want to look at are

editing grace period

For (n) seconds after posting, editing will not create a new version in the post history.


post edit time limit

The author can edit or delete their post for (n) minutes after posting. Set to 0 for forever.



I’m not following, which parameter are you recommending? Would this stop users from editing posts however?

Search site settings for ‘edit’. There are settings controlling who and for how long you can edit a post.


I do see those however that doesn’t necessarily hit the root issue. Users should be able to edit their posts however a new moderation item such as: post edited should require mod approval.

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Warning, I built a system similar to this at Stack Overflow and it took multiple months to get all the polish right. It was pretty large scale and involved anonymous edits as well, so it may be a bit bigger than what a basic plugin needs.

We are not particularly keen about adding this to core for now, but it can be a plugin for sure and core should provide the extensibility require to implement it.


Thanks @sam

I started exploring pluginirizing it last night, I’ll take that approach.