Send edits of approved posts back to approval queue

I really appreciate if you can add the feature such that editing can also trigger “require approval” or suspending accounts. There is one troll in our forum who found out that he can bypass the requirement by editing, and is trolling all the time with a new account each time. I don’t think blocking some words can stop him, because he can always know which words are blocked by testing, therefore he can just change a word and then post it. During his testing, admins know nothing. I want to have some hidden list of words to trigger “require approval” even if he is just editing, and whichever user used these words by editing should be suspended immediately.


This has cropped up in conversation a couple of times between me and @fzngagan recently, and we think it could be useful too. :+1:

There is the option to lock a post from further editing, and an admin setting to do that automatically after a staff edit[1], but they don’t do quite the same thing. Having the option to send edits back for re-approval feels in keeping with the protection of having the content initially approved in the first place.

However, in your case, it sounds like you could make use of some of the other existing watched word features, like flagging and silencing, to achieve some of the things you suggest. Have you checked out those options?

  1. staff edit locks post ↩︎

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Yes, we have tried a lot of things. However, watched word features do not work on editing (except blocked word), so he was able to bypass those settings. Flagging (by other users) works, but usually there is a time delay, and the troll generally posts 10 replies before any user flags him.

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