Edits to last post don't bump if there is a hidden assignment reply?

I just updated Like icon collides with count for own posts on mobile and noted that the topic wasn’t bumped by the edit.

Haven’t seen anything said that such a change was coming so wanted to check - is that intentional?

Are you sure you can repro this? Edits to the last post will bump, as well as new replies. Nothing has changed there.

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Yep, looks fine now, also note that new topics with zero replies no longer link to a nonexistent /2 from /latest

I think the issue was that @Johani assigned himself the topic and that created a small action post that isn’t public.

So when you edited the first post, it was not bumped because it was not the latest post.


Last night during the window where I couldn’t see edit history and the topic in question couldn’t be bumped every new topic was linking through to /2.

Yeah, I’m talking about the issue in OP, not that. I have not seen links to /2 so :man_shrugging: