Make Wiki Edits Count

I just noticed that wiki edits don’t count in bumping up a topic in latest. I also noticed that wiki posts don’t count as new posts. I want to make wiki edits count as new posts. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to do this?

Thank you.

I’m 95% sure this isn’t true, if the wiki post is the last post in the topic (or the only post, if it is the first post, which also means it is simultaneously the first and last post) it will get bumped.

So if you want this behavior, post a wiki then close the topic so nobody can reply, only edit.


Is there any other options for making it go into latest besides closing a topic?
For example if you didn’t have the ability to close a topic (if you aren’t a leader)

Is there an alternative way to bump topics when wikis are edited without closing the topic? Closing the topic affects the solved plugin

Make sure the edited post is the last post in the topic is the only way.

Thanks. In order to keep the edited posts the last post, do you think deleting and then re-posting the edit is a smart way to go about this?

At the Fairphone Forum what we usually do if the first post of a topic turns into a topic is we move the first post to a new topic and close it (don’t forget to delete the “this topic is closed” post or that one will be the last one) and then prominently link topic and wiki to each other.

We are not 100% consistent with this yet, but most topics in our #wiki view are ordered by last edit of the wiki.