Eliminating the 'educational panel'

I’m not sure what it’s called, but I do know what it looks like:

I’d like to set this to NEVER appear. If I can’t have that, I’d like it to appear once in the entire lifetime of a user. As it is set now, it shows up twice in every single category.



Your support is amazing. Just extraordinary.


Hi Seth,

This should only appear two times in the lifetime of every user, on their first and second replies.

(There is a similar advice panel for creating new topics, which would also appear twice in the lifetime of every user – the first and second time that the user creates a new topic.)

I don’t know if this is disable-able but you can certainly change the copy on it as needed via Admin, Customize, Text.

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Search settings for “panel” (or “education”):


Thanks Jeff

I know that I’ve already seen it 6 times in setting up the final bits for our launch tomorrow.

POW! thanks Jay. That’s what I was hoping for.

Hmm. @codinghorror’s note makes me think that this is just “new posts” AKA “topics”, and not replies.

we’ll tweak and I’ll report back. I knew that there had to be a setting for it, but couldn’t find it… will check


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I think there might be some bugs around staff users on this education panel, then, but I’m pretty confident a regular user would only see it twice in their lifetime.

However, there are two versions of this education panel…

  • one for new replies
  • one for new topics

as the advice for creating new topics differs a bit from the advice for creating a new reply.

until posts

each bring up just one match in search.

the same one that Jay pointed to

do you have a hint on where the other panel is?

I believe that is the setting that controls both panels, the panel for new replies, and the panel for new topics.


thanks gentlemen.

here we go.

No repro, but I’ve also encountered this (with an admin account) on one of my sites. It’s not my account, but one I impersonated during setup due to SSO restrictions), so I never cared enough to investigate further.