Email excerpts rather than full posts

i’ve been thinking of just suppressing all emails and send out a (manual) weekly digest through my email service. haven’t gotten that far yet, though.

I don’t mind a setting here, is anything in place that could do this @neil? Max length of email or something?


Should be easy to add one.


Sure let’s do that if it is easy.


It means I will edit Discourse core code?
I’m a newbie.

I try and it show: cd: /var/discourse/app/views: No such file or directory

No, you can update now and you will get the new feature.

Enable the new setting “post excerpts in emails”:


Thank you!

Hi @neil, I update and check but First Post still send full post

@tohaitrieu What do you mean that the first post still sends the full post? Did you set the “post excerpt maxlength” to what you want? Please post a screenshot of the email if you can.


Hi @neil

This is my settings:

And my Email:

Email will sent full Post when I post new topic

@neil: Can you check this problem?

Email sent full post content without html format so terrible.

My post have about 1000 - 2000 words and It’s not good, have no traffic to website if my user can read full post via email.

Thank you!

@tohaitrieu I can’t reproduce it. Your settings look correct. I tested emails for a new topic in a watched category, and they showed excerpts in the email. I tested mailing list mode to see if that’s what you were using, but it also only showed excerpts. You’ll need to give me more details about what you’re doing. For example, which plugins do you have installed?


@neil this is my plugin list:

Ok I don’t see anything in there that could cause it. Any other ideas?


just on the off chance here, cos i haven’t actually gone here myself yet:

i’ve been moving stuff around in my own forum, and to avoid people getting notifications of old stuff i have temporarily disabled ALL outgoing email.
but when i created a new post just now, i did receive a regular notifying email of that post.
when i checked other users, i realised it was just me, as admin, no one else had received that outgoing mail.

so maybe the same thing is happening here: that no matter what settings you use for length of excerpt, the owner/admin gets the full mail.

just a thought.

I got an email today to an admin account that showed an excerpt.

I set excerpt length to 150, and this email has an excerpt 150 chars long.

Now I’m noticing that @tohaitrieu’s screenshot doesn’t look like a normal Discourse email. I don’t know what was done on that site.


thanks, good to know!

@neil today, I reboot my VPS, Run git pull and rebuild app, it’s working right now. Thank you.

Problem is solved!