Where to edit email template of watched category and trim the content to 100 words?


When my members choose to watch a category, then another posts new topic, they will receive an email for that.

But here is the current email content:
Subject: Topic title
Content: The whole topic.

I want to edit the template of this email to:
Subject: “A new topic has arrived…”
Content: Just a summary of the topic, around 100 words or the first paragraph.

How can I do this? I couldn’t find that email template in the admin settings area?

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The template is called User Posted


Oh I see it.
But how to limit the content to summary? or trim it down to around 100 words?

I don’t believe that is currently possible.

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It’s so sad. Normally people don’t read long email, so I wish to have a email content like:

Subject: New topic on category that you like
– The Title
– Some words from the content…
A link to read the whole topic…

You can’t do this yet as the emails are coded by the core with variables that are defined in the core. You will need plugin to override what these variables output in the email template. I am hoping that Discourse develops something similar to Wordpress Filters, so that it will be possible for anyone coding noob to easily override some variables, like these email variables, and customize them without having to write a complicated plugin every time you need to customize some output. Discourse has already implemented something akin to Wordpress Actions with plugin-outlets, but they have yet to implement something like Wordpress Filters, as far as I can tell.

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Didn’t @neil just add an optional setting to limit content of posts in email @hawk?

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