How to shorten email notification excerpts

We have discourse set up within my company, whenever someone posts an email notification gets sent out to all in the community, the notification allows people to reply to the post via email.

Problem is getting data via discourse is proving impossible as people don’t log into discourse, they reply via email, so we want to fix that.

Is there any way of limiting the amount of text that goes out in the email notification, so we can just show the first XX characters and then a user needs to click [,] to read the rest and reply?

Sorry for the basic question, just getting used to this system.

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Hello and welcome @Mark_Cameron :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s the post excerpts in emails admin setting that should be of use here:

And you can also adjust the excerpt length using the post excerpt maxlength setting too:

This would mean they would get the first x amount of characters and then need to visit the forum to see the whole message. :+1:


that worked brilliantly, thanks so much for this :star_struck:

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