Email excerpts rather than full posts

just on the off chance here, cos i haven’t actually gone here myself yet:

i’ve been moving stuff around in my own forum, and to avoid people getting notifications of old stuff i have temporarily disabled ALL outgoing email.
but when i created a new post just now, i did receive a regular notifying email of that post.
when i checked other users, i realised it was just me, as admin, no one else had received that outgoing mail.

so maybe the same thing is happening here: that no matter what settings you use for length of excerpt, the owner/admin gets the full mail.

just a thought.

I got an email today to an admin account that showed an excerpt.

I set excerpt length to 150, and this email has an excerpt 150 chars long.

Now I’m noticing that @tohaitrieu’s screenshot doesn’t look like a normal Discourse email. I don’t know what was done on that site.


thanks, good to know!

@neil today, I reboot my VPS, Run git pull and rebuild app, it’s working right now. Thank you.

Problem is solved!