Email suddenly stopped going

Hi there

My discourse forum suddenly stopped sending emails from 15-07-2021. I am facing these issues for the last 3 days

–**No digest email is being sent **

–when i request for a backup link, the email does not arrive, although the pop-up msg says the email has been sent but does not receive in inbox or spam folder
– Same happens with the test mail also

I spent around 5-6 hours looking for solutions on this forum and other platforms but i did not find any solution.

I am really desperate now and so creating this thread

Hope someone can help me out

Looking for your kind reply


Is there everything OK with your email provider? I mean if you did not do anything then maybe something happened with your provider.


There is no problem with email provider as i tested the smtp with thunderbird and all the emails are going fine

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Hi @UnicornX,

Did you check for any email errors at
What does test page say
Do you have an access to your mail server logs?

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