Email not sending - Domain Spoofing Prohibited

I just realized that for the last several months no emails are getting sent from my discourse site. The Skipped tab on email shows this error repeatedly :

551 1.2.3 Domain Spoofing Prohibited

What can I do to fix this?

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It’s probably an issue with whoever your mail delivery service is. Have a look at Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install.

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Several months?!

And I thought I’d had it bad, lasting almost a month before I caught a persistent error in email due to a change in my email provider’s verification rules that I’d somehow missed the notification about.

Which leads me to ask: shouldn’t multiple errors in Skipped get escalated to some major warning on the Dashboard?

For me it’s currently waaaay too easy to miss these and it can be devastating to site engagement!:

  • No new sign-ups
  • No password resets
  • No reply notifications

A month of that and your site is already in big trouble!

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Yeah, it’s probably that. I have another service I can use instead (Mailjet) so I’ll try switching to that.