Sparkpost doesn't deliver e-mails

(paul) #1

I’ve installed for testing docker and discourse on my laptop. After the comand line: ./discourse-setup
I just put the informations in I’ve got from my sparkpost acount under SMTP relay. (I used the preconfiguration, which allowed to send 50 e-mails for testing)
As a sending e-mail I choosed:

After then running with “localhost” discourse and register with an e-mail I get within sparkpost shown that theirs a e-mail coming in. '
The problem is that it doesn’t send then an e-mail out.

That’s what I get as a message inside sparkpost:
“550 5.7.1 Unconfigured Sending Domain <>”
"25 - Admin Failure "

Do I need to register my own sending adress to get it run or can it be aswell done with the settings from sparkpost?
If it can be done with the pre-settings coming from sparkpost, where could be the problem?

lg Paul

(paul) #2

solved! :slight_smile:

It only works with an own auth. sending domain.
If you had simliar trouble, read this: Using SparkPost with Discourse - SparkPost

(Jeff Atwood) #3