Email replies filter signatures?

I have not setup email replies, because we are using it for our company support forums, and I don’t want sneaky competitors to get contact details in email signature… if a potential customer choose to post by email …

so the question does it filter out email signature from the replies?

Some signatures are stripped out but with the wide variety of formats and no standard, it is a pretty impossible task to reliably remove every email signature.

If you want to see all the signature formats that are removed, you can review the library that Discourse uses here:


I know there was a request earlier for the addition of a reply between the lines style parser where only the stuff between some delimiters would be posted, dropping all the signatures, etc. See

I would love to see that implemented, as our marketing team wants people using large, remote graphic signatures with links, and it looks terrible when they get posted. I also have the same concern as most of my sales teams have their phone and other contact in their signatures.

I would even be happy if we just said you have to add the standard "-- " line before your signature, I can teach people to add that without much of an issue. It won’t fix everyone, but it seems simpler than trying to use regex matches to figure out every signature variation.


I believe that is the standard, not sure – @zogstrip?

@codinghorror I didn’t realize that worked, but I tired it out and it seems to have stripped my signature. I asked one of my guys to try it out with his signature block as he runs the larger graphical one. It could be that when we tested before we hadn’t set it up correctly as plain text (Google apps for business shop), but it seems to have worked configured from my Apple mail client connected to Gmail.

Thanks for letting me know!



Is there some way to build in a second email reply trimmer (local) and better yet an interface within settings rather than cli, to maintain that file that is a local custom signature filter file?


  1. discourse receives reply by email
  2. Discourse strips signatures by primary email reply trimmer
  3. Discourse then strips signatures again with any custom signature (rules) the local admin has added

For big communities it may be a bit less useful due to the management side of it, but for medium and small communities with reply by email enabled this could be great to trim out the ones that get by the built in trimmer.