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Hi Guys, I’ve been reading almost all the threads to try to understand how to give support via email, and how this incoming mail could be automatically assigned to a support team, But I can’t find a clear and simple step-by-step guide to help me do it. Can someone give me a hint as which plugins I need to make incoming mail work toghether with the assign and ticket plugins?

Above all, how to make these incoming cases manageable through private messages with the support team.

thank you very much

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Have you seen these?


Uhhh … Nop. How could it have happened?

thanks :no_mouth:

One more thing, because probably i could not explain as good i wish

because I think I saw those threads.

I will try to be exact. I am not very good at the English language.

  • my platform is in and I want to create a mail account that is
  • Inbound emails to must be entered as a private message or ticket, assigned to the moderators group.
  • When someone responds to the private message, an email goes back so that user can register and follow the case within the forum or if they do not enter, via email

I hope I could explain myself in the best possible way

Create a new group, named support, and configure the email-in settings there.

See also:

I think we need a real how-to created for this.


thanks for your help @riking