Email template titles not translated

I noticed two translation problems with the Email templates in the Administration -> Customize -> Email templates section.

1. Titles of email templates are not translated:

Clarification: The title of an email template is not its subject.

This is because the AdminEmailTemplateSerializer only “titleizes” the keys of the email templates (e.g. system_messages.bulk_invite_failed becomes Bulk Invite Failed) here:

2. Four email templates are missing in I18n:

Update: Looks like artifacts, as not referenced anywhere (added links to GitHub search).


Here’s the PR for solving the first problem:


Was replaced by email_reject_bad_destination_address here.

Was removed here.

Was replaced by email_reject_invalid_post_specified here.

Was replaced by email_reject_insufficient_trust_level here.

In short: We can remove these.

P.S.: This advice helped.