Email types not translated

I have noticed that email types in Administration -> E-Mails are not translated:

This one is a bit trickier, but here’s what I found out.

  1. The displayed email type comes from this line in the template (for the Sent page):
  2. The list shows EmailLog records, which have an email_type field defined here:
  3. EmailLog records are created in the jobs NotifyMailingListSubscribers and UserEmail.
  4. UserEmail jobs (and CriticalUserEmail jobs, which are a subtype) are queued at different locations with mostly hardcoded email types (found via grep -R "user_email" .):

(This should be it.)

In general, it would be a good idea to collect the complete list of valid email types (not to be confused with the email template types) at a central place and make these translatable (even though plugins may send emails as well, I suppose, therefore we probably cannot reject email keys that are not in this list, which would assert that this list is to be kept complete).


I’m also curious about all possible email_types, because I’m looking into disabling certain email types.

So far, I’ve seen:


But the code also shows more unusual ones like blah.

List of types:

  • email_reject_reply_user_not_matching
  • email_reject_old_destination
  • email_reject_inactive_user
  • email_login
  • user_quoted
  • user_mentioned
  • email_reject_screened_email
  • user_invited_to_private_message
  • confirm_old_email
  • email_reject_invalid_post_specified
  • mailing_list
  • admin_confirmation_message
  • download_backup_message
  • user_private_message
  • forgot_password
  • admin_login
  • email_reject_topic_not_found
  • notify_old_email
  • invite
  • user_replied
  • suspicious_login
  • email_reject_empty
  • confirm_new_email
  • user_invited_to_topic
  • activation_reminder
  • account_suspended
  • email_reject_post_too_short
  • group_mentioned
  • account_second_factor_disabled
  • test_message
  • signup
  • user_watching_first_post
  • email_reject_topic_closed
  • email_reject_bad_destination_address
  • user_posted
  • digest
  • user_linked