Emails sent from discourse are mis-categorized as "Promotional" in gmail

Hello, email sent from our (hosted) discourse instance seem to always appear in the “Promotion” tab of our user’s gmail account which ends up being confusing for most of them.
There have been a few topics about this issue but didn’t find any solution and decided to create a new topic instead of necro-posting.

I did follow the howto instructions to configure SPF and DKIM.

Anyone with a solution to this issue?

This isn’t fixable with Discourse. You’d have to ask them to recategorize it as Forums.

I have never seen it categorize as Promotion. Can you provide much more detail on your site, its URL, ip addresses,etc?

Also what happens when you send a test email through Discourse via Admin, Email, test to – what does it tell you?

Update on this: testing with did show some issues with our spf records.

We use Google Apps and UserVoice and already had an spf record that was formated like this:
v=spf1 a mx ~all

Adding support for discourse generated the following error when checking with mail-tester:
Maximum DNS-interactive terms limit (10) exceeded

Removing a mx got us a score of 10/10 for our email test. It seems that it was something that was suggested by UserVoice documentation but not mentioned by Discourse or Google’s doc.

Maybe a DNS expert can give more information to make this useful for ppl running into a similar issue.

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