Emails with multiple recipients only showing up to one recipient


we have two groups which each have their own mail-adress for incomming mails.

Now I sent an email to and in CC to
The mail showed right at the admin control center under /admin/email/received but only group1 received it.

I repeated this with group1 in CC and the mail only showed up in group2s inbox.

Even if I do not use CC and send the mail to group1 and group2 simultaneously, only group1 received it.

We are running version Discourse 1.8.0.beta12.

Thanks a lot!

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Why would you expect cc: to show up there? The email was not directed To: the target email address.

Try sending To: group1, group2

Of course I tried this. Sorry if my point was unclear:

The two recipients show correctly under /admin/email/received and when I hover my mouse over each of them, there is a popup saying "TO".

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This is a question for @zogstrip, then…

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I’m pretty sure we only post to the group indicated by the first valid-looking e-mail address we find. Arguably, for caegories at least, this is correct behaviour, because Discourse doesn’t have the concept of “a single message which exists in multiple categories”, and while it might be annoying to have your carefully crafted missive only show up in one of the places you expect it to, splitting the conversation on one topic into two places seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. PMing multiple groups could be done, but it’s a very niche corner case that I expect just wasn’t considered during feature development. “PR welcome”, I suspect.


Thank you for your clarification. :slight_smile:

Actually, if a message is sent to two groups, I wouldn’t expect two copies to be created, but one message to both groups – which Discourse supports :slight_smile:

This would be consistent to what happens when you type multiple recipients here:

Is there any reason not to do this?


Yeah, I misspoke on that one – you can have a single PM topic to multiple groups, so if you wanted to support just that, it could work. Multiple categories definitely doesn’t work, though, so you’re then stuck special-casing the “look at multiple addresses” code to PMs, and then handle it differently for categories. Fun times… fun times.