Incoming Email - Only first recipient is handled

An old bug has resurfaced because some users didn’t get an important info. :frowning:
I noticed that the initial report is located unter support and not here under bugs.
@moderators feel free to merge and locate everything here under bug if split/double posts are a problem. Thank you very much.

Detailed report


An incoming email (via POP3) hat the address from multiple discourse-groups (email-enabled) in the To-Field. Only the first hit is processed. All other groups are not invited to the new topic (

@evantill found the code that handles the incoming mail:

I can understand some of the code, but I’m not able to make a qulity pull request.
How can I help to get this fixed? At the moment I have to manually add all recipient groups to the automatic created message for the first recipient-group.

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