Embed: reply count is off by one

Count for how many more replies there are in the topic is off by one in embedded comments.

Say the comment topic has the opening post + 7 comments and you configure embed to show only 5 comments. It will tell the users (correctly) that there are 7 replies, show five of them (correctly) and then tell there are 3 more replies in the forum (incorrect).

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What are “embedded comments” and where can I look to see this reply count?

Perhaps you can provide some detailed steps to reproduce this bug?

Probably related to Sam’s change to switch from Posts (count includes first post) to replies (count does not include first post). Might be an easy fix @techapj you can check to see if counts are off on codinghorror embedding.

Embedded comments are Discourse topics embedded in an iframe as comments for a static website. See for example: http://blog.codinghorror.com/where-are-the-high-resolution-displays/

I’m guessing codinghorror blog has the default limit of 100 embedded comments (since I don’t care to count…), so that should be “12 more replies”

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Does the topic have any Deleted posts that might be throwing the count off?

Obviously I can’t say for codinghorror blog, but no, deleted posts don’t matter. It is off by one every time.

Thanks for reporting it @probus! Fixed :ant: