Embedded reactions

(Jeroen Van Der Mark) #1

First of all. Thanks for the great plugin/combination with WP! We are very happy users.

Maybe it’s feature request/not possible at all. I think a lot of WP owners struggle with the following problem:

Is it possible to integrate/embed the reaction section below a blogpost. For the user experience of our visitors they now need to click on the ‘go to forum post’ and drop a reaction there. That’s an extra action. If they are logged in it would be more easy to reply right away. Besides that, a button: log in/ make an account to react on the post would be an solution for non logged in users?

Some random thoughts. What do you think?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This has been discussed at length elsewhere, the “scribble on the bathroom wall” model of on-page commenting is not a business we have any interest in entering, because it generates negative value.

The idea of Discourse is to generate and sustain real communities, and we do not believe on-page commenting is a viable path toward that goal.