Embedding backticks twice collapses whitespace


(Dave Higgins) #1

If I include preformatted text which has a backtick, twice, in a paragraph, whitespace is removed.


Markdown to embed a backtick is double-backticks instead of single ones:

``embedded `backtick``

LIke this - text embedded `backtick text text.

Repro like this

Include two embedded-backtick preformatted sections in a paragraph:

Text ``embedded `backtick`` text ``embedded `backtick`` text.

We get:

Text embedded `backtick text embedded `backtick text.

and some whitespaces collapse.

(Steven Arnott) #2

White space handling for back ticks also has issue in the following case

`some text`/`some other text`

Causes all following back tick markup to collapse any surrounding white spaces like so:

some text/some other text - well lets see.
some more textshould have a space aftertext

(Sam Saffron) #3

This now works per:

(rebaked OP to confirm)

(Sam Saffron) closed #4