[quote] loses backslashes on this super edge case


(Jan P.) #1

This first post is only to setup the reproduction of the bug in the second post that will follow:

When you use <code>\``` you can output the three ticks required to do a code fence.

How to write three ticks (`) in post content?
(Jan P.) #2

And now the backslashes used in my original post are gone.

(stefan) #3

I’m pretty sure this is because quote don’t escape the chars inside it.

if it’s gonna be a #pr-welcome I’ll work on this as I’m also trying to work on another request regarding quote.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Now renders, correctly as <code>\``` , it is subtle but see: Babelmark 2 - Compare markdown implementations

To escape you would


Which renders correctly as: <code>\`\`\`<\code>

And is quotable via:




> ``<code>\`\`\`<\code>`` 



(Sam Saffron) #5