Embedding the Chat In a Webpage?

Is there a way that I could use a chat window, basically inside an iframe on another page - or leverage the existing comments embed view to show a chat thread alongside some other content?

For some background: I’m running an event in the summer and I’m hoping to have a synchronous chat feed that bridges both remote and in person attendees. We’d like folks to view the stream online and chat in the same window, and the in person folks could chat using their phone.

Any thoughts on how this might work - of it is possible with any of the current embedding support in discourse?


I think this is a great feature request, unfortunately we are not setup at the moment to “widgetize” chat like intercom and others do, but it is certainly something we are thinking about.

I feel it is very much a version 2/3 thing vs something on the immediate roadmap, it would require a major rework of Discourse internals to get this going, especially accounting for “anonymous” chatting among other things.