Embedding wiki comments in a different category

I was not able to find this and it may be a bad idea but I was asked and can’t find answer.

We are looking at creating a wiki category. In an effort to keep the posts current whenever an edit is added someone asked if it would be possible to use the embedded comments feature between categories on the same forum. This was if the topic was a wiki it would go in the wiki category and if it was a question or discussion on the wiki topics if would go in the wiki discussion area. This would allow general questions a place without taking over the wikis and would allow questions on a specific wiki post to show up on the wiki itself.

I would like to know if this could be done and reasons why maybe we should or should not do it.

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This will not be possible. The javascript embed code is meant to run on an external site, not on a Discourse site.

I think that for most cases, having discussions about wiki topics take place in the topic’s replies section is useful. A general rule is that if someone knows that the wiki needs to be updated, they should make the change directly to the wiki topic. If someone has questions about the topic, they should reply to the topic with their question. The answer to the users question should then be incorporated into the wiki if it is useful. Questions and their replies should be deleted once the information has been incorporated into the wiki. Questions that are irrelevant to the topic should also be deleted.

That type of approach will keep your wiki topics up-to-date. Deleting questions/replies as issues are resolved will keep the topic’s discussion readable.