Wiki as one entry with history and separate topic for discussion

Used the wiki perk today for the first time and was hoping that by changing the topic to a wiki not only would it be editable by everyone with TL1+ but that it would not be a discussion and instead be one entry with a history of changes. Being a StackOverflow user AFAIK all topics are one entry and all changes are kept as history. Now obviously a productive discussion can not take place in one entry, so the discussion would be moved to a linked topic that works as current topics. The purpose of this is so that once a wiki is done, a link can be made to it from other sites and those using the link would not see the discussion. Think Wikipedia with pages for topics and separate linked pages for discussion.

Request - One entry with history:

Either change the way a wiki works or create a new variant of a wiki, (new name or added property) such that it is only one entry and all changes are recorded as history for roll-back.

Request - Separate topic for discussion.

When the wiki with one entry with history is created, a second topic to discuss the wiki is created and linked to the wiki to keep the discussion out of the wiki.

Change the category permissions so that replies are not allowed.


Newbie on discourse so bear with me.

I only have TL3 (Regular). I found this example of changing category permissions.

I take it I can’t do what you suggest, or can I?

If you are not an admin, you cannot change category permissions.

Also, the way that permissions work, you can’t configure them so that someone can create a topic and not reply to it.

This is probably a time when the easiest solution will be to make not replying to a wiki post be a community norm rather than one enforced by the software.

EDIT: This is horrible advice. Just (have an admin) close the topic.


Close the topic to prevent replies. Why would a person need to edit the entire category?


I am not the OP from which you quoted, but I am the OP of the question and please remember I am newbie with discourse so bear with me.

Since discourse site noted (SWI-Prolog) is new we don’t have many users and only 4 of us have the wiki privileges, me being the only non-admin and only user to reach TL 3. So I came up with this idea.

… to start creating topics that are wiki so that the users here can cooperatively edit the content, and when the wiki topic is created a second topic is posted to discuss the wiki topic to keep it clean. When the wiki is satisfactory, the links can be posted.

Since our Wiki Category is what I decided it should be, there is no reason for anyone to post a reply to a Wiki Category (example) as the replies will go to a separate and linked discussion topic (example); which was given the Category Wiki and subcategory Discussion, but I think that should be changed if the entire Wiki category is modified to not allow responses. Live and learn. So I take it that @pfaffman was trying to simplify things based on this knowledge. He made that recommendation before we added the Wiki classifications.

If any of this is wrong, please let me know so that I can learn and enjoy.

Nothing is wrong, just trying to understand the situation. Now that you’ve explained it further, I’m with @pfaffman and I also recommend you keep this in its own category, and disable replies in that category as well.