Ember-cli error on local MacOS development

I’m trying to get Discourse up and running on my MacBook Pro. I was having troubles with Mojave but just upgraded to Monterey to see if that fixed the problem but it didn’t.

I’m able to start the rails server with bundle exec rails server but when I follow these instructions:

I get the following error:

[DEPRECATION] The trollop gem has been renamed to optimist and will no longer be supported. Please switch to optimist as soon as possible.
Error: unknown argument '-s'.
Try --help for help.

Anyone know what might be happening? Any additional info I could provide to help figure out what might be going on?

Is this of any use to you? Your issue sounds similar to mine.

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Hmm, it didn’t seem to work on my first try. There may be something wrong with my installation of node or any of the other dependencies, I’m not yet sure. I’ll dig more into what you suggested and see if that will help. Thank you!