Emoji - index_pointing_at_the_viewer.png with white background?

Hi Discourse Community,

I was recently scrolling through the emojis tab when I noticed that the emoji “index_pointing_at_the_viewer.png” has a white background and is the only emoji to have a white background.

As shown: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

I’m not sure if this is a mistake or is intentional, but if it is an intentional feature it’s not that great.

For example, on light mode and dark mode they both look different:


I’m pretty sure this is in need of being changed, it’s the only emoji with a white background & I don’t think the white background is intentional as the emoji looks perfectly fine without it’s background.

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Yep, I see it. Never knew the emoji existed in the first place to be honest (it’s one of hte last ones in the emoji box I think), so it’s rather obscure.

Just noticed myself and was about to start a thread about it.

Is this a custom one uploaded by the team?

It doesn’t look like it’s a custom one, so must be part of the emoji set. :person_shrugging:

Best I can do is create a custom one with a transparent background - :derek_pointing:

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