RFE: dark/light mode options for custom emoji

So, I’m using and love Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes. I have some custom emoji, like :classic_smiley:


(My gen-z teenagers tell me that :slightly_smiling_face: does not mean what I, gen-x, think it does. But they will never take my emoticons.)

The problem is: that looks great in light mode, but fails in dark mode. I’d like it to automatically be replaced with a different color (like, white, probably).

It would be lovely if the custom emoji interface would allow upload of images dark and light color schemes separately, and apply as appropriate based on the color palette selected for the theme.

Actually, this could extended to color palettes generally — if someone wants to make a Hot Dog Stand, it’d be cool for the custom emoji to be able to switch accordingly. (But dark/light is my real concern.)

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And, although most emoji sets are (I realize now) designed to work pretty well regardless of color scheme, there are some things like :heavy_check_mark: :dark_sunglasses: :chess_pawn: :ant: which don’t work well even from the default emoji set.

Example image if you’re viewing this post in light mode:


Could you modify that image so it uses a color instead of black? Even a 50-60% gray image would likely look fine.

That’s your easiest option, we don’t have anything in core to support toggling emojis for dark mode because the vast majority work fine as is.



Yeah, it’s not the worst, but I don’t really love it. It ends up looking too much like the gray control elements, and is particularly weird mixed with other reactions if you have “desaturated reaction panel” enabled.

For the Fedora site for this particular one, I ended up going with

in Fedora’s new blue color, which is fine. It it would just be lovely to be able to match them to the theme choice.

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