Emoji user preferences

I would love if every application that uses Emoji (but discourse in particular) would follow Slack’s example to allow user-based preferences:

Especially the last setting ‘Convert my emoticons to emoji’ is brilliant.
Personally I much prefer writing (and seeing) :D instead of :smiley:


I like this, but its a rather big and complex change. Except for the convert option, that would be an easy user pref.

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For me at least, the convert option is the most important one. Would be great if discourse would have this.


On a per user preference base? Call me oldschool but I kind of like the idea that others reading the same conversation are seeing the same thing. Especially with Emoji which are meant to convey intention.

A different rendering of the same emoji can ‘feel’ very different :smiley:

No, that is not my intention here.

Simply allow users to select that they want to disable emojis on posts they make so they don’t need to do the gymnastics required to type :)

Still, limited benefit imo, bigger fish worth frying.